Cats And Dogs Living Together

Tuesday • July 5th 2022 • 4:42:10 pm

Cats And Dogs Living Together

Tuesday • July 5th 2022 • 4:42:10 pm

While painting, programming, composing, writing, rhyming, singing, sculpting,
building and inventing, all represents real knowledge.

It is not just a bag of random random goodies,
because they all connect, and reinforce one another.

For example, in 3D Modeling we have the concept of the vertex, edge and face,
and it would be near impossible to create 3D things without it.

This influences user interface design, in programming,
because those three things are really hard to grasp at first.

And normally when programming a User Interface for your program,
you wouldn't even dare to introduce such complexity.

But now, knowing that this is what makes 3D modeling successful,
you are granted permission to expand your user interface.

Depending on your program, possibly even into high complexity,
that the vertex, edge and face so neatly demonstrates.

It is not the scientist, that master of that trade,
that is a good example of a well educated person.

The Hacker is a good example of a well educated person,
so as long as they don’t forget to take good care of themselves too.

A hacker, somewhat similar to that old Gad Fly, Socrates,
may say they know next to nothing.

That things are not their area of expertise,
but more than often they have long surpassed the experts in the field.

It is just that the field is so large,
that compared to the field it self their knowledge seems small to them.

And by Hacker I don’t mean the troublemakers who will by an expensive vaccum cleaner robot,
install remote control, a camera, and some other equipment, and then return it.

Waiting for a person with a large budget to buy and deploy that unit,
in their own home, this probably happens to a lot of electronics that can be returned.

I mean the Hacker that will buy the unit, to study the code, and alert the company,
hopefully with the attorney on the other line, in exchange for an enormous reward.

Note how this is not a vacuum hacker, but rather someone who deep down,
may dream about having their own robot, lyke in the movies.

Or at the very least for their sftp server to follow them around,
and why the heck not?

A Powerful Hacker is not elevated by any one thing,
nor do they switch hats from electronics to operating systems, or, advanced art even.

If they could only be one thing at a time,
it would be the a great tragedy.

And they aren't even a sum of what they know,
because knowledge grows, and no human could ever stop themselves from learning by subtle analogy.

So all the functional things, that we actually comprehend,
that we can employ and enjoy, are constantly cross connecting..

And even more so,
when we are stressed for inventing new things.

I mean the first thing you do when you want to create, is to cross the streams,
in the deepest of our creativity we yearn for nothing more than the pandemonium of ideas.

So schools, when they teach us pre-chewed and tasteless and the disconnected,
and make us parade for worthless grades...

Are really hurting our minds,
and by extension the world, and the future of human kind.

Because their is no greater tragedy, and no deeper sadness,
than a young mind, unable to cross the streams.

We have to fix schools,
we have to make them worthy of the best of us.

No more standardized education, no more grades, no more unforgivable student loans,
no more punishment, ridicule, no more holding brilliant mind a year back.

At the very least, make sure that all the people you know, understand,
that to grow up, means to grow all the way up, until we all become Great Beings.