GPA Is Sus

Monday • July 4th 2022 • 9:17:31 pm

GPA Is Sus

Monday • July 4th 2022 • 9:17:31 pm

All the schools with threats of bad grades, and being held back.
And the need to pay for lunch, and pay attention in classes that the students are not interested in - are super weird.

And beyond where military is allowed to recruit teenagers,
and colleges are allowed to steal all their money.

And I mean all, because student loans,
are taken out of the paychecks later in life.

Tolerance of this mockery of knowledge and wisdom,
is causing all kind of harm down the road.

Without real education,
the students won’t be able to do anything or real.

It is so strange to see teachers thinking in their heads,
that they use grades to motivate students.

In a real school that is called torture,
in part because the fake GPA impacts college and the job or schools afterwards.

See you cant even say that, without sounding like a cult member,
GPA impact on college and school, is completely made up.

Colleges only deny entry to those who didn’t memorize,
because they know they will drag the college GPA down.

The impact that GPA has on a job, has so many hops,
that we might as well be making up a new religion.

There are so many paths ahead that GPA impact,
is just something teachers made up.

None of this is real, the is no way to have a serious discussion about modern schools,
without sounding like we are drinking whatever they are hopped up on.

A teacher attempting to torture someone into obedience,
by giving them bad grades for something trivial and unimportant, and irrelevant.

Something that will never connect anywhere because of cut-up education is,
is not just a fabrication, but a delusion.

This delusion, in the big picture, is actually cutting them off from their future,
for real, cutting them off from food, with all the negativity and interference, and obedience.

All the while standardized education simply can’t work,
because to learn for real we have to gently and cheerfully follow our own curiosity.

Grades are utterly fake, because teachers trick everyone into cramming,
which completely stabilizes their teacher performance score, but makes grades nonsense.

Colleges are crazy because everyone knows grades come from cramming,
which actually includes puzzle solving, that too is a trick.

You can paint, program, compose, write, rhyme, sing, sculpt, build, and that is proof of knowledge,
a test, just pushes out those who won’t perform for a grade.

Jobs know that colleges don’t do anything, they grill the students with insulting interviews,
questions that they themselves only pretend to grasp.

They largely do it to overwhelm and dominate a student,
an interview is getting everyone accept the lowest pay possible.

The difference between a person’s natural curiosity about a subject that tickles them,
and being threatened by being held back or by getting bad grades is enormous.

Threatening a student into obedience, prevents them from learning,
though that means little compared to the fact that the use of standardized curricula...

Is a total misunderstanding, or fantasy of education,
even if the teacher does break a student into obedience they still can’t learn.

They will not build a coherent picture of a subject,
they will only memorize what is going to be on the test.

The students who would argue this point, simply forget,
how much more they would have learned without the interference of school.

They are in fact self education, but they would do so much better,
if their education was about Knowledge, and not the GPA, and chances of getting into brand name schools or jobs.

If they spent all that time on real education,
they would end up launching startups out of high school, vastly multiplying their knowledge by their own hand.

Students know that they are forced into pretending just so that they can get at their future,
so that nothing stands in their way, real or not, they want as little interference as possible.

But they lose respect for everyone and everything,
because they are forced into pretending, so that they can protect their future.

Learning for real, is like visiting a new country,
you only do the things that you are ready for.

And after a while,
those things will get you ready to navigate other things.

Being forced into any path, standardized or randomized,
is not education, that is just pushing someone into desperation.

Times are changing, no matter what is in the way,
people are getting smarter and smarter, especially students.

They will soon figure out that to grow up,
means to grow all the way up, until they become Great Beings.