Of Denial Of Education, And The Problem Of Sequence

Sunday • July 3rd 2022 • 8:51:03 am

Of Denial Of Education, And The Problem Of Sequence

Sunday • July 3rd 2022 • 8:51:03 am

A sequence problem, as I termed it,
is when one thing prevents another.

And I find that people with good intentions,
often take to repairing problems in the wrong place.

When I was little I struggled with understanding my bullies,
and later I just couldn't imagine why criminals do the things they do.

But eventually I understood that the word criminal is wrong,
these are just people so stressed and pressed, that life becomes about do or die.

Now, I always mention at this point, that criminals are extremely dangerous,
because of the state their mind has been twisted into.

A really good example is a soldier, they must kill, or they will be killed,
they are a good person at home, but the circumstances of war make a mindless killer.

And I repeat, a person who is in a warped state,
is extremely dangerous, do not hope for their goodness.

It will take years, not months; for them to heal, and for their goodness to return,
that is how our minds are.

We are natural born fighters and warriors,
this was necessary for our survival and protection of our tribes, clans, and kingdoms.

To correctly approach the impossible problem of crime,
we first must learn how to protect people and prevent the crushing stress, that leads to crime.

And once a person shows that they entered the state of a criminal,
they can’t be punished with prison, because prison only makes people worse.

Prison may cement the state they have been put in,
and they may never be able to return to the person that they really are.

Think of it as Forever War,
no return, just war.

A person who entered a life of crime needs medical, psychiatric, psychological help,
they need many years of therapy, and understanding.

By sending criminals to prison, we are attempting to fix a problem,
at the wrong place, and as often the case is, we make it worse.

Now let me show you what happens on the others side,
on the side of the innocent and beautiful.

Because in some places, the problem of sequence, is not an error,
but it is purposefully crafted to force obedience.

In more than one place around the world,
women are denied an education, which prevents them from becoming an independent thinker.

Because they are tricked out of education as children,
they will not have time to return to it as an adult.

Such nations claim that they make the rules,
and it is not out problem.

But a nation may only own its geography,
it cannot own a mind - because that is called slavery.

Denial of education is how slave uprising are prevented from occurring,
the old saying goes, an educated slave is a no good slave.

The solution to open our borders,
and grant these women a home, a real education and universal income.

So that they don’t have to work, many of them will plan to return,
and real education demands that they have all the time and adventure they need.

By not helping these girls and women out of slavery,
whatever else we do, is not nearly enough or somewhere in the wrong sequence.

Here, I want to describe an induced problem that is most familiar to us all,
fake education.

Schools are not providing students with real education,
as that requires that each student is treated as a unique individual.

And those in charge of education are too uneducated, and too greedy,
to see how that can be easily accomplished with a cheap smartphone.

By presenting students with fake education, we push them into adulthood,
with ideas like “getting laid makes a man”, or “weed is just an herb”.

As a result they will make the same choices and mistakes,
that everyone is always making.

This incredible threat of being held back, or punished with a bad GPA, or bad grade,
unless a ravenous mind is obedient, is sick.

The threat of never being able to get a job, because of bad grades,
in a shitty and fake school, makes adults look like total morons.

Real education enables young people to launch startups and invent new technologies,
from art and software to 3d printing and manufacturing.

Real education is what sets children free from poverty,
fake or standardized education is what presses them into poverty.

We are such powerful thinkers, such unbreakable beings,
who neither fear torture nor certain death.

That the only way to control us, and to keep us weak,
is to prevent us from learning for real.

Be it by sick arrogance in modern nations,
or deliberate attack in nations ruled by ghouls.

Understand that the words Real Education,
are sacred, and anything short of it is a disgrace.

And that the future will not arrive as a function of time,
but as a function of real education and life long wisdom.

Every human being is meant for Greatness,
and their Greatness is necessary to make this world a better place.

Anytime that greatness is dimmed or temporally extinguished,
out entire world becomes proportionally darker; we all lose.

Finally, I ask that those of you who have the passion needed,
to upgrade the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to rise to the challenge.

Please, ensure to safely, grant all human beings the full measure of real education at no cost,
and to aim to end poverty with an International Bank of Universal Income.

And to remind all Humans, that meaning is found in Greatness Of Heart and Spirit
as they venture towards becoming Great Beings.

And that to grow up, means to grow all they way up,
until we each become a Great Being.

I ask you to begin rebuilding the world immediately, and without any delay,
you don’t have to wait until your shift is over, just drop it and go.

And make your life about of Great Adventure,
so that there is always room, even for the greatest of your thoughts.

Refine it, expand it, enhance it, reinforce it, let it make you wise and powerful,
and then make it so that every Nation stands behind it.

Make it so that no Human Being,
is ever denied real education.