The High School Cookbook

Thursday • July 7th 2022 • 8:45:32 pm

The High School Cookbook

Thursday • July 7th 2022 • 8:45:32 pm

Math without context is impossible to learn,
but math, or programming, or composing, in context of breaking out of poverty seems dirty.

For one Humanity should be wise enough
to set all the students free from poverty.

As it is not really possible to learn,
and worry about safety and food at the same time.

The act of learning,
is an act of safety, joy of happiness.

Sometimes to push all the worries away,
we may need some convincing.

And it may not be enough to say,
that with wisdom our decision making is more true to our elder selves.

A glimpse of treasures yet to be grasped,
maybe just the perfect thing to tip the scales.

In the world of programming,
there is a cookbook tradition.

Where a book is filled,
with different programming recipes.

All broken down,
into a handful of simple categories.

The High School Cook Book,
would carry the best recipes that help with lovely subjects.

For example a chapter could be dedicated,
to rapidly mastering art, or easy to follow music recipes.

Where for example Berlin School Techno,
could be explained step by step, as if it was a cooking recipe.

A curious student could then spend some time,
browsing and testing out new things.

Until they found something that connected with them,
or clicked with their existing knowledge.

And with each recipe the student would gain more powers,
and thus the ability to be able to handle even more recipes.

We need not stop at mere recipes,
a good book can come with some challenges as well.

Here startup building comes to mind,
from idea to teamwork, from product to funding.

Such challenges would help the students locate necessary recipes,
and ultimately lead to some measure of moneymaking.

All challenges should lie within the ability of a single person,
as not to discourage any students.

And such a volume would be placed in Public Domain,
or under GPL and made available for free.

Here the community would help,
with bugs and repairs, translations and enhancements.

The book should open by stating that to grow up,
means to grow all the way up, until all members of the Human Family become Wise and Great Beings.