Schools Where Teachers Are Trained To Teach Students Who Just Want To Learn

Monday • July 11th 2022 • 1:35:32 pm

Schools Where Teachers Are Trained To Teach Students Who Just Want To Learn

Monday • July 11th 2022 • 1:35:32 pm

If teachers,
allowed students to learn what they are interested in

Then they wouldn't need training,
to teach students what doesn't interest them.

(It is important to understand, that I use the word teach very loosely here,
forcing students to temporarily memorize so that they can pass the tests is not education, nor learning, nor teaching.)

Listen all of this is really important,
both for people of all ages.

Self education is extremely important,
and the reason why it is so hard in the beginning.

Is not because we are not smart,
but because we can't learn when we are overworked, stuck, or scared.

That why even narrated books are hard to learn from,
not because you are anything short of a genius, but because you can't learn when things are off.

Bad grades, as ridiculous and laughable as they feel seem to you when you are older,
are enough to make the world feel off.

Look, I don't know everything for sure,
it would take 1,000 honest shrinks to look at the modern classroom and define all the problems.

But, we are all human, we have all tasted school,
and it may be that schools are preventing us from learning.

In the desperation that arises from this and the threats of being held back, and getting bad grades,
all there is, is temporary memorization.

But what I am trying to tell you,
is that you need real knowledge, because life is real.

You need real knowledge,
because that impacts all your decisions across your entire existence.

School is what separates us from cavemen,
historical education has been kept away from slaves and servants, to prevent uprisings.

You need books, start with narrated ones,
and then begin working on either taking to adventure where you can safely relax.

Or grow so courageous,
that nothing will interfere with you inheriting wisdom, from your loveliest and wisest books.

Schools kill creativity,
and they filter out those who seek authentic education.

Teachers have made it so, that that cartoon is correct,
school is not a place for smart people, but eventually smart people will fix that.

It is easy to talk about this,
because the solution to this is easy.

The students have to understand that they have been betrayed by the teachers,
and take to their own self education.

So that some day, some of them will return, not as teachers that need training,
but as those who finally make the necessary repairs.

A school that does not provide meaningful, real, and lasting results,
that helps the students out of poverty, is not a real school.

Please take good care of your wisdom,
and remember to grow all the way up until you become a Great Being.

Maybe the big lesson to take away from this poem,
is that no one should ever trust anybody to teach them.

But rather we need to start a tradition,
where students are encouraged to learn from the world's wisest books.

Books written by the world's most celebrated clear thinkers,
and intellectuals, who care for fact and realty.

Writers who time and again, have helped countless millions,
to rise to reason, knowledge, wisdom, and greatness.

As we grow we should choose our own path,
through the wisest works, and the most brilliant of ideas.