Learning For Real Is All About Going On Fancy Adventures

Friday • May 6th 2022 • 10:33:41 pm

Learning For Real Is All About Going On Fancy Adventures

Friday • May 6th 2022 • 10:33:41 pm

Real education is about,
entering the class of learning.

Documentaries are great,
so as long as they are built on facts.

Worlds most beloved books,
are better.

As they are loved,
for their wisdom.

Narrated Books are probably better,
and you can’t go wrong with;

A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson,
and Death By Black Hole by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Demon Haunted World by Car Sagan,
and The Story Of Philosophy by Will Durant are also nice.

As with everything,
people will come to tell you Science Popularizers can’t teach.

That you can’t get an education,
out of a fun book.

They’ll hold up math as proof,
thinking it will stick.

But they don’t know math,
and those who do, know the most boring side of it.

To know mathematics,
means to synthesize new ideas.

Even, if those ideas were had before,
synthesis will eventually take you out into Terra Incognita.

To get started with that,
begin building a universe with P5.js and Math As Code.

You don’t have to build a simulation, create pixel art games,
build a game around concepts in Physics.

Warping space to move faster than light, traveling at near light speed,
superluminal motion and relativity, paradoxes in physics, and even listing to radio signals.

And to get into the zone,
just start by making platformed.

You can see, without me trying to convince you,
how fun, mysterious, and fascinating math is when you learn for real.

But before all this, get mad or at least become suspicions,
about people with all the answers.

Because being given all the answers without thinking or effort,
is often an attack with the aim of preventing you from asking real questions.

When you don’t ask questions, and when you don’t question results,
you become a tool to make other people’s creepy lives easier.

Finally, don’t just start by just listening to a neat book,
start by buying a backpack, and slowly fill it with neat and mysterious camping things.

You don’t have to go far.
Setting up camp and spending a day taking pictures at a local State Park...

While listening to your favorite books;
is perfect - so as long as you bring some fruit and have a picnic too.

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