Robot Chicken Camping: A New Kind Of European Invention

Thursday • May 5th 2022 • 8:22:46 pm

Robot Chicken Camping: A New Kind Of European Invention

Thursday • May 5th 2022 • 8:22:46 pm

When they have something interesting to 3D print.
a lot of former Europeans camp-out by their printer to squint.

It is a kind of lovely robot love,
that they don’t want to get rid of.

Monitoring the new 3D printer tech,
is a fun as watching a Cute Chicken peck.

A 3D printer is an excellent robot friend,
so 3D printing becomes a ritual they want to attend.

Sometimes a print may a looong time,
so many take to writing rhyme.

But make to mistake they love waiting,
watching a print is supremely captivating.

Make some tea, mix some coco,
and watch the printer squirt out the gizmo.

The first layer makes everyone nervous,
because, if, it is way-off, the “hot end” may need service.

Most often it is a bed leveling issue,
and hopefully they have an auto-leveling kit or they’ll need a tissue.

But our lovely robot,
does magic quite a lot.

It is the marvelous chicken,
that’s always ticking.


Once it begins printing the honey comb foundation,
creating a feeling of elation.

You don't need to squint,
to see that it is beauUutiful inside a 3D print.

And if your mittens are nimble,
you can probably drop something in there as a symbol.

Just to be sure,
many, first print a little miniature.

A midget version of their invention,
on a much smaller dimension.

It is just as exciting,
and the idea of saving time and filament can be quite inviting.

Sitting down next to a printer that one can admire,
is very much like relaxing by a happy bonfire.

Never mind the duration,
that chicken is pecking out your magnificent creation.

It is the most fascinating thing in the universe,
even more fascinating... than this strange verse.

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