Self Education Is Probably The Only Way

Saturday • May 7th 2022 • 1:11:55 pm

Self Education Is Probably The Only Way

Saturday • May 7th 2022 • 1:11:55 pm

It is hard to catch up with everything,
once High School screws you over.

And it is such a scam that people will give you a loan,
so as long as they are guaranteed to get it back with interest.

High School and College,
are not the way they should be.

Curriculum designers are asking for as little as possible,
and teachers are doing as little as they can.

This seems hard to believe at first,
that people so kind and caring as teachers could do you wrong.

But that is because,
you don't know what you are missing.

You can pick up some of the traces,
uneducated politicians, gasoline with led in it.

People destroying the Amazon Forest,
that belongs to you.

Not a Nation, nor a Generation,
it is yours, and it is being stolen from you.

But you cannot know what is stolen from you,
when you don't know what you should be getting.

Even music has been stolen from you too,
you are a musician.

That dorky sound,
that comes out from so many of our attempts.

Is just mis-configured,
it is missing Echo, Chorus and Reverb to give the sound depth.

And then you should make use of the arp,
which will follow rules of the music theory on top of what you create.

This is similar to building a portrait,
with transparent reference images, or a wall projector.

It is difficult to talk about it even now,
we are tricked into thinking that using helpful techniques is bad.

But it is how art is made, the music and paintings we love,
are layers on top of the best that technology offers.

Here is the song that we can all make in LMMS,
the piano melody is just carefully going up the scale.

(raw plays)

I selected C Major in the dropdown,
and lmms shows me all the keys, can't be easier.

Not to say that you should follow Music Theory,
music is about dance, not about making it easy to play or appreciate.

Here, I added gentle reverb, echo, chorus,
it is too gentle, but it shows how dinky sounds are enriched.

(fx plays)

And here I make use of the arp,
which just plays notes within the notes following the machine like music theory.


It takes about a minute to create a unique song,
learning to do this takes an hour or two.

If you just load up Krita, use the reference images tools,
you can paint perfect portraits - shape and color.

But schools are not even telling you,
you cant use a mouse for this.

The mouse is like composing without reverb and arps,
it kills your works.

You need a cheap pen and tablet,
the pen tip is pressure sensitive, something that mouse can't do.

And it allows you to gently lay down color,
and even move your hand better.

Math is the same, they are not even teaching the correct language,
you need to use a programming language for math and make screensavers to learn more

I am sorry,
you are being tricked.

And teachers don't know what I am talking about,
that is the response I get "What is he saying?"

Behind your back the teachers are calling your hormones,
and disable the fidgety kids by overstimulating their brains with scary meds.

There are some good teachers,
but they are seen as troublemakers, stirring stuff up.

And anyway,
their hands are tied with broken standardized testing.

You can't learn by memorizing,
but that is what standardized tests look for, memorization.

If a teacher tries to teach you for real,
you will fail the garbage tests, and they will get fired, so their hands are tied.

Enter the culture of self education,
begin listening to books held in high esteem by intellectuals.

And start keeping track when the most admired authors,
release new ones.

You must accept the responsibility for your own education,
a human being can't be taught outside in, we can only learn inside out.

To be taught outside in,
is to become an obedient worker.

Ask for more than ineffective cookie-cutter education,
remote classrooms, spying and eye tracking.

You are meant to become a Great Being,
by freely progressing from Real Knowledge, to Empowering Wisdom, and Unique Greatness.

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