A Super Tiny Poem About Building Your First Visual Programming Company

Friday • June 17th 2022 • 6:50:56 pm

A Super Tiny Poem About Building Your First Visual Programming Company

Friday • June 17th 2022 • 6:50:56 pm

There is a couple of interesting visual programming libraries,
of which rete looks rather fetching, not to mention the 7.6k stars on github.

Visual programming can be amazing, if done correctly, and if it is user friendly,
and respectful towards programmers that just want to do their own thing.

This is a difficult poem to write, it is not possible to explain anything in here,
as it would go on forever, I will just touch upon the most important parts and get to the end.

The program must focus on creating JSON or data based output,
when a user clicks save, they will just save a description of their program.

But there is an export button, and here the user can install different exporters,
the main exporter would be a monolithic node-modules repository.

This means that the data description of the program,
is sent through a code generator that generates very beautiful and easy to red code.

The programmers who don't use visual programming,
would be pleasantly surprised at the code quality.

And not really be able to tell that the code was generated
via a VPL, or a visual programming language.

See the yeoman project for an example of converting few input parameters,
into working node_modules or projects.

Some code generators will export for local execution, others may aim for electron GUI,
others still for task queue based processing, and finally auto-provisioning server networks.

Auto provisioning means, system detects a spike in usage or network congestion,
and pays someone hourly or per second to offload the processing.

This means that the network grows as needed, and when there is little usage,
one beefy server can probably handle it.

Users must be able to create their own visual programming nodes,
as a side effect, people learning programming would fell comfortable in large programs.

People who are opinionated about a certain way of programming will feel right at home,
be it the wild wild west event based programming or tidy and strict flow based madness.

Finally (I told you this was going to be short),
users who create new nodes, or groups of nodes that combine to create reusable code.

Must be able to publish their work in a marketplace,
it is only fair to make the marketplace free so that everyone can make their own store.

Most uses will go with the central company,
as it is most responsible when it comes to code quality, review, and payment processing.

If you were to build such a program, you may need to invite your classmates,
you will need co founders and friends who will work for potential payout.

This is a small company idea that needs a lot of advertising,
if you have the patience for it.

Then you certainly have a product to sell,
you can invite programmers to sell their nodes.

Or you can contact large companies in need of custom software,
and show them what that program would look like visuially.

And show them with great precision all the custom nodes they would need to pay for,
to get it off the ground.

Lastly, and I think this is my favorite idea,
you could build the visual programming language to learn how to program.

And follow up with a small company,
to learn how to build and launch stat-ups.

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