How To Become Smarter; Or, Why You Got Tricked Into Thinking You Are Not Smart

Thursday • June 16th 2022 • 6:03:02 pm

How To Become Smarter; Or, Why You Got Tricked Into Thinking You Are Not Smart

Thursday • June 16th 2022 • 6:03:02 pm

Money, and it is difficult for you to believe that,
because all the teachers want to sell you out, no exceptions.

They can’t afford to care,
if they start caring about you, they will lose their jobs.

If they start caring about how you feel,
then they will have to face all the students that they already sold out for a paycheck.

Every grade, less than an A F****G plus, was a lie,
it NEVER had anything to do with your intelligence, it was always about your obedience.

Because if you obey, if you follow the directions,
they can get paid, they can live a life.

If you are not obedient,
then you are interfering with their ability to put food on their table.

They will throw you under the bus,
and you will repeat the last year of High School.

They just want to get paid,
they can’t go off script.

The teachers have instructions for lectures, you got your textbooks,
there are matching tests, matching finals, and matching state tests.

There are people who will swear,
there are people who will swear they are improving quality of lectures.

They also want to get paid,
they try very hard to forget the tests are standardized, and thus cant work.

But if you put up with it all,
a almost all teachers will try to slide you along, then everything will look fine on paper.

You’ll go to college, get in debt,
and that debt will motivate you, as if your credit score was your new GPA.

A lot of people in their 60s are still paying off their schools,
they have no choice, student loans are unforgivable by bankruptcy.

They will be forcefully,
taken out of you paycheck.

So, relax, it is all horse shit,
you are smart.

Teachers are just temporarily hurting you,
so that you start memorizing, so that they can get paid.

In fact you are so smart,
and you ability to navigate that which you do comprehend is so powerful.

That if I told you just how powerful your mind is,
you would call this poem horseshit, and start memorizing to improve your grades.

But we don’t want that,
so I won’t tell you how smart you really are.

I will talk about famous neck beard for a moment,
he’s currently resting at Westminster Abby.

You know how he cracked the laws of universe,
he didn’t independently invent calculus by merely studying math.

Though he knew enough math,
to truly calculate a circle from an ellipse, poor bastard.

He did it by building models,
he hid them from everyone.

He hid them harder,
than his dumb-ass research for turning led to gold.

He was trying to present him self,
as super smart.

He wasn’t a genius,
he was just doing what school is robbing you off.

And I am so sorry about that,
I never stopped wishing I could fix it.

He was just slowly, very slowly, kissing up to his curiosities,
he was moving so slowly that the lovely Neil DeGrasse Tyson...

is by contrast,
moving at the speed of light.

Neil's explanation for learning math,
is just regurgitate until it makes sense.

I give that advice for learning complicated computer programs,
that have video tutorials but no documentation.

Steven Hawking explained it better than Mr. Tyson,
by infinitely emphasizing the important of the study of the HISTORY of mathematics.

You can’t learn math for real,
without gently following its history dot for dot.

aren’t capable of teaching Math, you can only memorize your PIr2,

Which is wrong, Because it is TAU,
and you need to stick with Unit Circle, so there is no r, it is just 1.

The whole formula for circle,
is just tau, just 3.14.

Modern Trigonometry instruction is horseshit too,
it is horrifying what they are doing to you, I am so sorry.

You have to let go of stressing out about grades, graduations, and horseshit,
and you have to start learning for real.

Don’t be the kid that gets the good grades,
or that freaks out about being held back a year.

If you are going to be held back an extra year in High School,
that does not mean the bullies have one, it means you get to be young for an extra year.

And you are only going to get an extra year,
before they start calling you gifted.

Listen to books,
don’t read them, that really sucks, listen to them.

Listen to all of them,
you have to, because you are not going to get a real education in school.

If you have bullies at home or school, know that what they really want,
is to turn you into a bull too, use the police to fight back.

You have to be more careful in life,
you shouldn't have ever let anyone trick you into thinking that you are not smart.

If there are others who have been tricked in similar ways,
or if you notice someone stressing about their A’s way too much.

Put a book club together,
call it the A-Team, trade your books together, and resist life trying to tell you apart.

And you know,
change the world.

Come your golden are share your Life’s Lessons in such a way,
that others may begin, where you leave off.

Make no mistake, the meaning of life, is to become a great being,
by means of real and authentic education, which at the moment means, self education.

By the time you graduate High School, you need to master Programming node.js for your startups, Photo Realism in Krita,
3d Modeling and Geometry Nodes in Blender, Industrial Design and 3D Printing, and at the very least, Berlin School Techo in LMMS.

Don't let the world trick you out of real education,
every new thing yo learn must perfect must perfectly fit your existing knowledge.

In the wonderful chaos of life, you won't retain things that you do not practice,
and you can't practice things that aren't integrated into what you care about.