Getting Generative Artificially Created Art Out Into The Real World

Friday • January 13th 2023 • 10:29:50 pm

Getting Generative Artificially Created Art Out Into The Real World

Friday • January 13th 2023 • 10:29:50 pm

I bought a bunch of 4x4 frames, thinking it is the perfect size, for 512px x 512px images that the AI usually generates.

I grabbed a random sample of about 16 Generative AI Creations, I have collected about 370 samples for lowbrow art research.

And went to the local Pharmacy where they have a photo section, I left the pharmacy with an envelope 16 glossy 4x4 photos.

First of all, they can look blurry at 256x256, they look OK at 512x512, and 1024x1024 would be perfect, if it worked.

At the 1024 pixel setting, I end up generating, beautiful chimeras, fantasy horror type thing, which scares me.

At 4x4 inches, 512x512 pixels is OK, but I think all my samples needed sharpening, retouching, and even spicier colors.

Second of all, buy your picture frames at a Dollar Store, do not attempt to fix a frame, trim the photo to fit it.

White frames, look plain, if that is all you have, pick up some colorful paper too.

Pay attention to the frame quality, make sure that it has a leg to stand on, three of my frames are wall only.

And don’t just take your memory stick to the photo station, the photo station is not a good place to pick your favorite art.

Select all you need at home, and then just hit the print all button when you are at the store.

I paid 39 cents per photo, and that is probably very high, I remember once paying 12 cents.

Now, the could be better, part, 4x4 is cute as heck, but 8x11 is better…

But Mona Lisa’s 30.31 x 20.87 inches, should be the true minimum.

All things considered that means, learning Krita, to repaint, mix and match, photobash, and fix anything AI probably messed up.

For knick-knacks 4x4 is great, especially if the picture is something, never seen before.

There you go, Generative AI, is not to intimidate an artist, but make one.

The one thing that is consistent in all my generations, is fascinating, detail, color, and subject.

The major part of my prompt was, “Oh my god it is so fluffy I could die”, and internet meme about fluffy things.

Followed by, sharp details, and vibrant colors.

In closing, AI is really helpful, where it comes to challenging ourselves, it encourages us to new colors, detailed outrageous shapes…

And fascinating detail, where it reminds us, that not everything must make perfect sense, sometimes it is all about color.

AI can make a cute kick-knack for your desk, that will help you to try out new art ideas.

It can get you stated with reference images, and it can make for some cute gifts and interesting conversations.

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