Photobashing Generative AI Into Krita Masterpieces, And A Tiny Art Challenge

Thursday • January 12th 2023 • 11:14:40 pm

Photobashing Generative AI Into Krita Masterpieces, And A Tiny Art Challenge

Thursday • January 12th 2023 • 11:14:40 pm

Art Generators will only get better, but real art requires a heart.

Real Art, is created as a special gift, it has to be honest and lovely.

Giving someone an image, generated by a computer program…

Is a lovely gesture, but is a little bit too simple, to count as real art.

Close but no banana, as they say in zoo business.

But, it is really important to understand, that a generic beautiful art product.

Is not a gift, that is meant to be from the heart, it is a product, crafted to make money.

It is trivial to create a heartless art product, indistinguishable from real art and sell it.

And then use that money, to be able to afford a computer and pen and tablet…

And even Krita Tutors or Tutorials, which will get you to create art.

Do not dismiss heartless art, because it is a VERY important tool.

For one, businesses don’t care about heart.

Using Generative Artificial Intelligence to create a brand image, and a website, is acceptable.

Where it isn’t acceptable, is in your art portfolio, your art portfolio is something you have to be proud of.

If you put generated images in there, the portfolio becomes meaningless.

It is possible to get caught faking your creations,

Someone else may just hit the same random seed, to a prompt that you reused.

Or to a prompt saved by the company, that you used.

Or it may just be, that every image generated by the app you used.

Has been stored on some server, and will be made public in 10 years.

Don’t lie, about your Art, because you will hurt the hearts of people that admire you.

But again, I must underline this, corporations don’t care, they don’t have hearts.

Artificial Art Generation is a very beautiful tool, it helps you create a collage.

That you then go over, with a paintbrush.

This is the Art, of Photobashing.

You should know that Photobashing is a derogatory term, that some artists don’t like, at all.

Others will be proud, to belong to this magical community.

Photobashing is about using a collage, instead of live models, or Camera Lucida even.

Some photobashers, leave a lot of the collage texture in their final work.

And that is just their style, using custom brushes also introduces artificial textures.

Photobashers are just clever artists, they are also really fast and good at concept art for games and such.

There is nothing wrong integrating photo-bashing into your art, and building on top of a collage of artificially generated art.

This is an amazing way to become a master artist, among other things Photobashing is an amazing teacher.

I close this poem with a word of caution, and a meorvelous challenge.

Be careful the people who say your art is not real art, are trying to crush you and break your heart.

They will never become a real friend, and they may betray you, to climb over you.

If someone says something negative about your art, they simply reveal themselves as a monster who has a lot of growing up to do – stay away from them.

And the challenge, unless, you’re a chicken – oh yes I did.

Get a $50 digital pen and tablet, take some slow and neat Krita Video Tutorials.

And familiarize yourself with Krita’s Reference Images Tool, where if you set the reference image to 1% you won’t see it, but the color picker will.

Meaning, when you put together a collage based on Genrative AI art, to be used as a reference image.

And tone it way down, your color picker, won’t care.

It will stick pick the normal non-transparent colors, from your nearly invisible reference image.

And photobash! Use 5 to 10, or even more, AI generated images, along with selfies of your friends…

To build out a marvelous and intricate scene, a massive masterpiece for sure.