Unstoppably Brilliant

Thursday • October 13th 2022 • 11:12:00 pm

Unstoppably Brilliant

Thursday • October 13th 2022 • 11:12:00 pm

Don't look to the teacher for approval, when you show them something brilliant.

Rolling up the projection screen up, and projecting on a canvas, where you trace out the perfect proportions.

Will not move the, because they only teach the text books, anything outside of that only creates more work for them – "how dare you".

Whatever does not have an impact on the class GPA, means nothing in a fake and ineffective education setting.

They will teach you, collage, without ever telling what it is for, because they just don’t even care to figure it out themselves.

They will trick you into thinking, one of the most horrible things, one of the greatest lies you will ever experience, that you will never compose.

They will force you into the hateful concept of hand eye coordination, where, you are already an artist, and your biggest problem is what color to start your gentle hue adventure with.

The teachers will never explain to you the power of programming a square, they will never connect it to the loops to send you on a screensaver adventure.

And never tell you the lie behind the mathematics they teach, that math is just a crappy-paper version of a shadow of programming.

They aren’t teaching you, they are filling up your natural curiosities, with things that seem hard enough to be knowledge.

But if you sit down with your parents, and have them try to teach you, what they have learned in math or chemistry class, they will try but fail.

This is because it is only an impression of knowledge,
just like cults create impressions of glorious things.

All schools do is still teach, basic reading writing, and arithmetic, and then create lies to keep getting paid.

Reading writing, and arithmetic is pretty kind OK, even though it is taught with arm twisting and not inspiration.

But it is not enough, we live in a world that loves, Artists, Designer, Programmers.

People who spend years practicing what they like, in such a way, that it continues adding to their talent, or body of knowledge.

That’s self education, that is the definition of self education.

More than that, you are not a worker, poverty is an error, made by the entire Humanity due to lack of education needed…

To collectively and in unison, leave bad ideas behind, and make the good ones better.

You are meant to become a great being, by growing all the way up, with knowledge and the resulting wisdom.