The Geometric Quest For Abstract Jewelry Goodies

Thursday • June 2nd 2022 • 9:31:22 pm

The Geometric Quest For Abstract Jewelry Goodies

Thursday • June 2nd 2022 • 9:31:22 pm

Please don’t get discouraged because of strange geometry things,
it is an invitation, and so is manual modeling, and even wondering if 3D is something that you actually care for.

It is all supposed to be just a beginning,
you are to demand an infinity to all artistic adventures you set off on.

Blender’s Geometry Nodes are good to learn, they are just a tool,
it is a geometry modifier, that you program - it is one of many things.

Schools are not working,
and standardized education will eventually be perceived as fraud.

You need to get your armour on,
you need to stand up for your own Education, Knowledge and Excellence.

Learning an Open Source program is a good investment,
even better, if this is your first time learning about 3D Modeling in general.

You can make a pencil case, a superhero belt, a wallet,
you can create animation, or jewelry, and then sell some of those things.

Maybe a lot of them, but either way, expanding your talents,
will give you ideas, it will give you more strength.

Geometry nodes are new,
they are odd, very odd, like a puzzle.

See some of our greatest inventions,
are not built on stable foundations perfectly suited to support them.

But rather the things beneath are seemingly unrelated,
to the end product, more chaotic, or alien even.

Your favorite story, your treasured paper book,
stands upon a tree, that was once likely over a hundred years old.

Nuclear power, is not actually nuclear,
they are just using radioactive materials to boil water to spin a turbine like in old trains.

You, you are made of Star Stuff, as Mr. Sagan was fond of saying,
the universe was all gas until first generation stars started exploding.

And your golden jewelry, doesn't just come from a dying star,
but from an exploding supernova, only those can make heavier elements like Gold.

Mitochondra in your cells,
or the powerhouse of the cell as the schools brainlessly call it.

That is a separate organism, with a bacterial genome,
and although it talks to our cells it divides like bacteria.

Likewise, programming 3D things, is not exactly about what you are specifically creating,
but about concepts in 3D geometry, first .

At first you just learn from tutorials,
and later that knowledge will come together to make more sense.

But when you are making abstract jewelry,
noting there will ever be about jewelry, that world is about geometry.

The jewelry world above it,
starts with taking what you can of the underlying geometry world.

And then improving that, expanding it,
to create a ring, pendant or earring, that is impossible for a human hand to make.

It is just unfair to ask a human to do it,
abstract geometry...

In every sense,
is not of this world.

In some cases it can be said that it is an emergent phenomenon,
born of human curiosity, the world of 3D geometry, and plenty of happy little accidents.

Getting started with abstract jewelry is fun and easy
just remember that this is a quest into the odd world of 3D geometry with its own rules.

May you set of on countless adventures into the strange worlds of art,
for those who wander are never lost.

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