On Rebuilding And 3D Printing Ancient Artifacts

Friday • June 3rd 2022 • 10:05:27 pm

On Rebuilding And 3D Printing Ancient Artifacts

Friday • June 3rd 2022 • 10:05:27 pm

We should try to extend the ancient or medieval art styles,
even if just to understand them better.

This is a kind of look into history, and while you are designing,
a Dacian Bracelet to pick a random example, learn a little bit about Dacians that used to occupy what is Romania, today.

Art allows you to time travel a little bit,
and poetically speaking, it is more than just imagination.

By recreating an object from an ancient culture,
you will be able to gently touch back in time.

You are not studying history here,
you first choose a beautiful object from some culture, and then visit.

I want to emphasize,
that your search for those cultures should begin by locating artifacts that speak to your soul.

And let me assure you, that once you are connected,
they will speak back to you with their history and legends.

There is magic,
behind every ancient piece of jewelry.

For example, the spiral motif in Dacian culture,
is not just a twist of a wire; that is the symbol of the sun.

And do not limit yourself to Jewelry only, for one Ancient Romans had fancy cutlery,
their soldiers had foldable versions, and folding knives with gadgets even.

The Ancient Greeks had breathtaking earrings,
just look at Earring with Nike driving a two-horse chariot at the Museum Of Fine Art In Boston.

And there are things that we forgot about like the Diadem,
a type of crown, that should absolutely make a return.

Or Armlets, jewelry worn around upper arm,
a set of matching Rings, Bracelets, Armlets and a Diadem is not hard to design in Blender.

Decorative axe heads, daggers and even warpicks,
may not even need to be printed in metal as they make great plastic letter openers.

Bringing back ancient coins by rebuilding them in Blender,
can make for decorative additions that you can attach to bracelets or necklaces.

And of course every culture has figurines,
stone age goddesses that would look beautiful on a pendant.

Ancient Roman silver mice,
that to this day beg to be part of every home.

And my goodnes, we need to bring back the Rhyton,
I can’t even imagine the reason why we stopped using drinking from horns.

Once you find comfort in some ancinet culture, go visit the places where they used to live,
visit the museums that hold the physical pieces that inspired you.

What a great way to explore history and the world,
and how magical and unforgettable the adventures that follow.