Fix Schools And Protect Education

Wednesday • November 9th 2022 • 9:00:37 pm

Fix Schools And Protect Education

Wednesday • November 9th 2022 • 9:00:37 pm

There are many mechanics at play here, teachers not knowing what teaching is.

Future principals having no clue, and needing a psychologist to understands teenagers.

Greed, poverty, and how easily you are tricked with fake education, and sold out for easy paychecks.

All the while teachers among themselves call you hormones, and around everybody else demand respect for what they do.

Teachers, don’t know this yet, but they didn’t just sell you out, they are the real men that sold out the world.

You know how hard it is to study for a test, that’s just to make it feel like you are working.

That the grade was hard to get, that you have to work at it.

But in a few years you will realize, that it didn’t matter, the lectures were fake.

The teachers were fake, even their threats were meaningless.

Standing up for real education, for you for the world, for the future.

Tell them you don’t want to memorize, that you want to understand, that you want to learn for real.

And tell them that real education, does not teach a standardized medley of disconnected facts.

But it gently flows like a beautiful river, it is driver by your curiosity and by pleasure of finding things out.

The teachers were easily able to betray you, because you don’t know what real education is like, what it feels like.

Go where the books are, avoid repeating the easy mistakes, that you can learn to avoid, from beautiful books.

Above all else you have to study the Human Condition, that is Philosophy, our Place in The Universe, and Biographies.

Philosophy demands that you start with all the overview Audio Books first, Beautiful narrations like "The Giants of Philosophy", and "The Story of Philosophy".

The Philosophers wanted nothing more, than to help you, to help you understand, help you see.

Popular Science, audio books, will help you to understand our place in the universe.

There is no Planet B, teachers are aren’t the only ones that sold you out.

And Biographies, largely non-fiction, but overall whatever is held in high esteem by demanding intellectuals.

The folks that encourage you to modern fantasy or abstract books, they need to wait.

You need to inherit hundreds of lifetimes of Knowledge and Wisdom, from well narrated books, preferably read by their authors.

You are going to have to end fake schools, you can’t let this continue, that is NOT a choice you can make.


The good news is, all it takes is a handheld device, that lets students that lets students to build their own path.

It is unique, because it requires that all lectures, have audio only versions.

Your struggle against hunger, against homelessness, and poverty.

It can only turn to a triumph, with software development, you have to learn programming – all it takes is a library.

On the internet, and accessible by any device, your web applications can be accessed by any human.

Learn Web Application Development, and start building the first real school.

The way you learn software development, is the same approach your school should take to teach.

Today, a school must be more than a place to learn, it must also double as a remote job connection hub.

This way your students will be able to self direct, without stress and fear of poverty.

In the absence of teachers, you become the teacher.