Programming Teaches How To Learn For Real

Tuesday • November 8th 2022 • 11:26:24 pm

Programming Teaches How To Learn For Real

Tuesday • November 8th 2022 • 11:26:24 pm

Among other things programming will teach you to think clearly, and try keep favorites from influencing your paths.

If you choose the easier path, or the least ridiculed path, or the safe path, or the path that everybody else is walking.

You may end up learning the wrong programming language, today the correct one is the often ridiculed JavaScript.

It used to be slow, but having been adopted by the web, it has transformed into something beautiful.

Colleges once taught a language because it was easy to grade, and today, many a former student fight for it, but it is not the right path.

Programming teachers to be rationally strong, and abandon comfort for where the future is headed.

Programming teaches to be humble, to never hold one language above another, just because you know it best.

Something as simple as a button, can become a great challenge and rewire our thinking.

Today, because of modern User Interface animations, you can still manage to click a button, after it is supposed to be hidden.

It is not a good idea to introduce logic to disable, the on:click event while a button is fading away...

As the button will clean up after it self, after the animation finishes.

You have to make sure that the on:click handler, is smart enough to prevent running its payload at the wrong time.

Here, by simplifying things down to a single logic statement, you will be bridging technologies that will cause out of control complexity.

There is nothing to repair here, user interface logic and program logic, are serape things that require separate logic.

The only thing that can simplify things here, is writing good code.

Any exposure to a subject with out of control complexity, will teach intellectual hygiene and manners.

But programming is special, because it lets you look under the hood, all the way down to the bottom.

Programming teaches intellectual independence, and self education.

it teaches us, not to follow, and to take our own unique paths.

To carefully learn in the sequence that matches our existing knowledge, and at a pace that fits us best.

Finally, I think programming is best at providing instant feedback, in a way that can help us examine errors or send us back to learn the underlying theory.

Programming, won’t allow us skip ahead for long.

Not without constantly reminding us, to learn all things we need to really get there.

(Note: title image represents Rubber Duck Debugging)