Warrior Nature And Creativity

Friday • October 7th 2022 • 6:20:15 pm

Warrior Nature And Creativity

Friday • October 7th 2022 • 6:20:15 pm

We are such noble creatures, but somehow we aren't taught to rise.

Great books, stories, challenges, adventures, and battles no matter how small, help us grow.

That is why adventure books are so special, you get the adventure uploaded into your mind.

You inherit the wisdom, and it helps you grow.

The inventor in us, comes from within our warrior nature.

The creator in us, our creativity, comes from the warrior nature.

And there is a proper warrior's way, to help the world grow.

It is found in preventing people, from becoming fractured or broken.

This is why schools must bring real results, why they must be effective.

They improve our culture, so that we can lift each other up.

There is no such thing, as a culture set in stone.

We can have unique cultures, yes, but they have to constantly evolve.

Each has to keep up with the word, in part to protect its heritage, and history.

To make the story of its evolution, beautiful and worth telling.

This is why no one, is to be left behind, especially on purpose.

Our ancestors hunted great animals together, we grew together for tens of thousands of years.

We're all, relatives.

Just like in the old times, we always have to keep up with the new times.

We have to bring everyone up to date, so that they don't get stuck behind.

So that they aren't in danger, in falling all the way back into violence and tribe.

No part of our great family, should ever be left behind on times.

We all need, a beautiful, modern and effective education.

This is called prevention, it is how we steer towards goodness...

And far and away from, repeating mistakes.

The modern warrior, is a creator and inventor.

The modern warrior, is meant to create previously unseen wonders.

And grow, grow all the way up, until they become a great being.