The More That All Are Looking For

Wednesday • May 25th 2022 • 6:23:13 pm

The More That All Are Looking For

Wednesday • May 25th 2022 • 6:23:13 pm

It begins within,
and it leads outside of the culture you are born into.

There is an ever evolving universal culture,
but any question of border.

Will only ever lead the world back,
and the world is meant to advance.

At the very least,
so that it does not continue repeating its mistakes.

There is no preacher out there that has the answers,
nor will a philosopher ever have the time to answer all your questions.

You have to answer them,
you have to become the great being you once wished to speak to.

It has always been you,
and the road has always been the same.

It has been paved with the most powerful books,
written by the Humans that have risen to the greatest heights they could reach.

Because we each have different constellation of curiosities,
our paths will be unique.

This is why standardized schools are such an insult,
to who we are meant to be.

This is why real schools are yet to be built,
and it is in part why the world needs you.

Because if all you ever do,
is agree, so that you don’t get yelled at anymore.

Then the only ones who will advance,
are going to be the liars and the bullies.

And the good,
will lose.

There isn't a past,
or a great mind that held or holds a plan.

You are the best hope there has eve been,
by virtue of your youth, the clarity of your mind.

And because you are,
new to all this.

Because there is hope,
that you will go around the indoctrination.

That you will rise,

It has only ever been the Philosophers,
who held the answers.

The daughters of philosophy,
the sciences, can only make tools.

The daughters,
will not teach how to use them.

One of the highest questions,
that has been posed recently.

Is, would you relive your life,
infinite number of times.

If the answer is no,
then it is the same as choosing an end.

Which is,
very wrong.

What is more,
we cannot push others, to choose an end.

Are the choices you are making helping you,
or are they hurting you.

If an end is what you wish for,
then you have chosen your path unwisely.

Often that means that you are choosing from within the culture,
you have been born into,

Often cultures trap people,
to make them obedient, more useful, to propagate some safe fantasy.

Often for a a little bit of going,
from a lot of people.

We have a flaw in our mind,
a terrible knot.

It is the thing,
that makes a person stay in a cult.

It is because,
we can’t make decisions based on things we don’t know.

And that is why I speak of books,
from which you can inherit wisdom.

Become a philosopher,
who rises to no end in sight.

It is an important part of growing up,
growing all the way up.

More than that,
when all those around you start growing all the way up too.

Then the world will become a safer place,
a wiser place.

Then we will take to building the schools we need,
to making money work for us, not against us.

And finally to putting this idea of world destroying weapons,
and that war is somehow a thing we do... behind us.

The politicians you have heard speaking,
will retire soon.

Despite what they have always told you,
and how you have been treated, it has always been about you.

You are the hope,
and you are the dream.

You just need to become a Philosopher,
so that you will know where to go next, from within, and not by being told what to do.

Don’t let school slow you down,
start in the beginning.