The Never Ending Chronicle Of The Grand Human Adventure

Thursday • May 26th 2022 • 5:00:39 pm

The Never Ending Chronicle Of The Grand Human Adventure

Thursday • May 26th 2022 • 5:00:39 pm

There is a lot more to come,
because the more that Humanity creates.

The more room there is,
for growth.

It is almost the same,
with what we create within ourselves.

If you allow yourself,
to suspend the pursuit of grades, diplomas, and other approvals.

And do something that you really like,
something that you often return to.

You will grow in that area,
and that often means that you can branch out towards new things.

For example, if you starting with programming,
you can start learning Linux based operating systems.

If you are starting with Art,
you may take to sculpture or 3D Modeling.

If you like music, or have favorite song writers,
surely you will like composing it too.

Perhaps, best of all,
If you hate everything, and everything really-really sucks.

That means you are in your prime,
to become a travel writer.

People will love hearing about your adventures, so much,
that they will not be able to fall asleep without your audio-books.

The things that really matter,
are all the things that are most human.

And this also includes,
caring for Animals, Nature, Climate.

If that is still boring to you,
you may enjoy speculative thinking.

As far as creators are concerned,
that is an endless loop.

As then you ask
who created the creator.

But there are questions,
that don’t end in loopty loops.

For one life on earth, including us,
is constantly evolving.

My favorite examples of evolution,
are more about showing that it is possible, rather than describing the real thing.


Australia had a huge plague of rabbits,
and used Myxomatosis a virus, to control them.

But then the Rabbits that were immune to the virus,
begun spreading just as well.

So the Australian rabbit population,
can be said to have undergone a genetic change in 2 years flat.

And in another popular story,
a very intelligent woman asked J.B.S Haldane a really good question.

Unfortunately it included the words "cannot believe it is possible to go from a single cell to a complicated human body",
which got Haldane energized to make a funny reply in which he said "But madam, you did it yourself. And it only took you nine months."

She was asking about the great precision,
and intricacies of the human.

But, actually, we are not designed to precision like clocks,
if that was the case we could easily interface with all the systems.

We are a work of chaos,
that is why Doctors can't create life from scratch, at least not without their wives noticing.

And that is also why the Artificial Intelligence programmers, or statistics nerds,
can't precisely explain how their programs are arriving at semi correct results.

It is a noisy, imprecise and chaotic processes,
it somewhat works, but you wouldn't want to debug the damn thing.

When I searched a scholarly website for articles on "Artificial Intelligence Debugging",
one of the articles it burped up was titled "Taming Software With Hardware" - and I call that time to take a long break away from computers.

To return to life, growing things through chaos takes a lot,
requires a very large area and a very large stretch of time.

In fact it can be said, it is not a waste of space,
if we never discover alien life, all that space was critical to test out all the possible combinations and permutations.

So that finally,
it occurred on at latest one planet in the universe.

And them the creatures there called it, Earth,
and promptly invented the Melbourne Shuffle

I am certain that the Human Evolution,
is going through a gibberish selection phase.

Humans have it good, overall,
there is no huge pressure in any special direction.

We are going in all directions,
and on top of that we are all super smart with access to all kinds of information.

It has always been the case,
we have not traveled a single line.

But in 65 million years,
we will have changed drastically.

As to make it seem,
that we have evolved along a singe line.

There maybe a person reading this very poem,
65 million years from now with a smirk - Hello!

It wasn't that long ago that you could look someone in the eyes,
and recognize something different,.

Not quite as familiar as,
what you have expected.

I firmly believe,
that just that moment you’d also see a smile.

A smile would say
“I know about my eyes, but I love them.”

And beyond that...
it has been beautifully put...

That the stars you see in the skies,
are just the sparks from the initial inflation of the Universe.

We live at a time when we can see them,
which is precious.

the night sky will light up with our own creations.

We will have interfaced with our biological systems,
and carefully underwent a process where there is no question that our mind is our own.

But our bodies,
will be human made at first, and later probably more digital or virtual.

But here we will have spread across the milky way,
so there will be lots of different variations of humans evolving everywhere.

Some will look just like us,
some will fit on a tiny microchip.

It is easy to travel vast distances,
when you are just a speck of dust.

And if you join me in the exercise of stepping outside of the universe,
you will see life, beautiful thinking inventive, unstoppable life.

Today, we only have a sample of one,
for me that is more than enough proof to see that there are countless others.

For someone who is better at speculative thinking,
they may say “I’ll just wait five billion years”.

The range of extremely unique Human life that has evolved in different places,
is all the proof of Alien life I’ll ever need.

Others, will look to the beginning of life it self,
Stromatolytes are either proof that life does not take very long to get started.

Or, that life, took a very long time to start, billions and billions of year,
but once it started, it spread across many clusters in many forms.

One of which is a speck of dust that is good at creating life
that precisely matches the chemical composition of the world its home asteroid whizzes by.

Just add water, sunshine, and some electrolytes found in rocks everywhere,
and the moat of dust will become a sea of simple ever evolving organisms.

After all, why go through all the trouble of suiting up to travel the distance,
when you can send somebody else there.

Finally, despite what the Scientists are saying,
the Universe does not end, we never run out of the subatomic particles.

That we evolve beyond recognition, and take to the stars,
are Small Potatoes the Neverending Chronicle Of The Grand Human Adventure.

The more we expand,
the more room there is for growth.