But Isn't Programming Dreary and Monotonous?

Friday • November 25th 2022 • 9:08:22 pm

But Isn't Programming Dreary and Monotonous?

Friday • November 25th 2022 • 9:08:22 pm

Programming is only boring when it is taught wrong, and it only ever gets repetitive when you stop inventing.

You have build your own side projects, it is the only way to really learn for sure.

Working for somebody else is pretty awesome, but you can’t really count on anybody.

The world changes too quickly to bet on retirement, you have to invent your own way forward.

All your future belongs to you, only you can take good care of it.

Zonking out on easy paychecks, will eat decades of your life, and prevent you from learning and innovating.

You have to make every year count, for all your future, by inventing, learning…

And adding to your existing knowledge, in such a way that you can build on it, for all your future.

Where in school, a teacher may begin with nonsense about UI patters, that is if you are lucky…

In self education, you begin, by building your own operating system.

It takes a while the first time around, but as you learn more and more the code-base becomes smaller and wiser.

Today PouchDB can give you documents, which are objects that can hold other much smaller and related objects.

The most basic object just has a content property, and a filename property, and you can make a file out of it.

Give it, an elements array, and you can have a file that is also a folder.

Or you can put nested objects inside, and treat the document as a hard disk.

It is trivial to convent, your local files to objects, and jam them into PouchDB with bulk docs.

Add CodeMirror, and now you have a code editor, with a filesystem.

If you follow the Plan9 operting system strategy, where everything is a file.

And say to yourself, everything is a PouchDB document, all it takes to control your whole system, is a simple file manager.

When the windows on your screen are just PouchDB documents, you just add a new document to PouchDB to open a new window.

And if multiple computers are logged in, then after PouchDB synchronizes with CouchDB,

And automatically distributes the data, what you got here, is a powerful Web Operating system.

If you like learning Linux, set your CodeMirror code editor to VIM mode, to practice your keys, and before you create the file manager.

Use xterm.js to create a neat terminal for yourself, you can add commands to manage PouchDB data…

And like above, open windows by creating new PouchDB docs, with come cool commands you coded up for the command line.

This is not boring, this is incredibly powerful self education.

It looks great in your portfolio, art wise, it is sure to look better than the products profit maximizer make.

And it brings you to a gateway to a much larger business, where other coders can sell apps on your platform.

You take a small percent many, people programming will take a bunch from one or two.

And your users will be happy to get the apps they want, here you can use drag and drop builders….

That just generate standard programming code, indistinguishable from what programmers usually write.

A lot of your users will be able to create apps in your system, without anybody’s help.

Because it is just generated code, they can make web apps, and host them on their own even – that maybe a good way to gain users.

In the real world of programming, you are always learning, always inventing, creating an innovating.

There is nothing boring about programming, it is a really interesting form of art.

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