The Voice Actor

Sunday • July 17th 2022 • 1:15:16 pm

The Voice Actor

Sunday • July 17th 2022 • 1:15:16 pm

Many Voices of Mae Questel (Betty Boop / Olive Oyl)

The Amazing Voices Behind The Simpsons!

Dan Castellaneta on his many Simpsons characters - EMMYTVLEGENDS

Dan Castellaneta - voice of Homer, Krusty, Grandpa, Barney and Groundskeeper Willie in The Simpsons

Nancy Cartwright does her 7 Simpsons characters in under 40 seconds

Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) Reviews Impressions of Her Voices | Vanity Fair

Julie Kavner

How Yeardley Smith Landed a 30-Year Career Voicing Lisa Simpson

Many Voices of Tress MacNeille (Animaniacs / Tiny Toon Adventures / AND MORE!)

Many Voices of Kath Soucie (70+ Characters) (Voice Actor)

Many Voices of Grey Griffin

Many Voices of Russi Taylor (Minnie Mouse / DuckTales / Muppet Babies)

Many Voices of Mary Kay Bergman (Animated Tribute - South Park)

June Foray

Many Voices of Christine Cavanaugh

Many Voices of Dana Hill

Original 'Rugrats' Cast Recreate Fan-Favorite Lines! | Entertainment Weekly

Cree Summer: She Voiced Characters on Rugrats, Tiny Toons, Atlantis and More

Learn How To Do Voice Overs With Voice Over Expert, E G Daily

Loudest Purring Cat - Guinness World Records

7 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner - Simon's Cat | COLLECTION

2 Minute Man - How To Talk Like Chewbacca

How to Speak Wookiee with Chewbacca Actor Joonas Suotamo

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Chewbacca Bonus Feature (Eng Sub)

donald stem clarence Nash

Merv talks to Clarence Ducky Nash, 1984

Disney Family Album, Clarence Ducky Nash

Peter Cullen explains how he created the voice for Optimus Prime

Megatron, Dr. Claw, & The Cave of Wonders with Frank Welker

How James Earl Jones Became the Voice of Darth Vader

Mark Hamill’s Most Iconic Voice Roles: From the Joker to Chucky

Jack Benny With Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc, The Man of 1000 Voices

Seth MacFarlane

Family Guy Live Reading Part 1

Family Guy Live Reading Part 2

The many voices of Billy West

Billy West Interview

How to Purr: style 1

Purr style 2

Preston Pitman

How to Purr on a Mouth Call - Pecker Wrecker Turkey Calls

How to Use a Mouth Call Part 5 - Purring

How To: Purr

How to Purr/Soft Call


cluck and purr


How to use a Diaphragm (Mouth) Call: Turkey Calling Tutorial for Beginners

How to use a TURKEY Mouth call - THE BASICS -

Turkey Hunting Tips: Mouth Call Basics

How to Use a Mouth Turkey Call Part I

How to Use a Mouth Turkey Call Part II

How to Use a Mouth Turkey Call Part III - Yelping

How to Use a Mouth Turkey Call Part 4 - Clucking

Chad Claycomb | 2017 World Turkey Calling Championships | Stuttgart, AR

2018 GNCC Senior Finals

2022 GNCC Senior Finals


Mark Prudhomme tube calling in the swamp.

Jim Breuer - What NOT to Do If You Meet a Lion

Man vs. Ostrich

The story of Goat Boy

Jim Breuer cracking up the anchors on WGN News


Michael Winslow - Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Michael Winslow the Sound Effects Guy Pranks Bonnaroo

Preston Pittman, The Greatest Turkey Caller Ever? (❤️LOL)