The Enchanted Ring Of The Little Froggies; Or, Hopping Around Ancient And Modern Jewelry Ideas

Saturday • June 11th 2022 • 8:22:58 pm

The Enchanted Ring Of The Little Froggies; Or, Hopping Around Ancient And Modern Jewelry Ideas

Saturday • June 11th 2022 • 8:22:58 pm

I hope it is not bad news, when I say,
sculpture is more powerful than diamonds.

Diamonds are everywhere,
but a uniquely sculpted pendant or ring is rare.

This is good news for 3D printed jewelry,
as it can be shipped directly to the customer.

It just needs a bit of polish,
there are no stones to set, no intricate parts to detail.

People who are printing or casting your ring,
will take care of it.

Purely geometric 3D jewelry is very interesting,
but it is abstract.

I highly encourage creating a scared geometry,
line of rings, even if just for practice.

And just as highly I encourage,
to create a line of rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Where the stones aren’t so much set,
but slid int to the bands or construction.

Just to be cleverly secured,
possibly with a clever removable gate.

But creating a frog ring, with three or four frogs,
or maybe one big one, is so much more.

It is mysterious, meaningful (if that is the little critter that your customer chooses),
private, personal and extremely unique.

Every piece of jewelry has a message,
and all things considered.

White diamonds have a message too,
along with a dark history, and artificially set price.

It maybe just me, but a collection of well worn beach glass,
that was collected by the customer, on beaches around the world.

Cut to size, maybe polished, and encapsulated in a pendant or ring,
has a more colorful story to tell, even though it begun, as discarded glass.

But a ring, or an entire collection, of all kinds of things,
that share the same sculptures, that is just unbeatable.

Especially since, that same sculpture,
can be brought to the big world, as a five inch figurine of a collection thre of.

You could even design a series of spoons, coin pendants,
even invitation cards and logos.

And if it is not too much to suggest,
you could use the same 3D models you sculpted.

In a painting, where you would first map out the scene and lighting in Blender,
and then take to Krita where you could use that scene as a Reference Image.

And if that wasn't too much to ask,
then learn a sculpting style from out ancient ancestors.

And paint a series of paintings displaying them in full dignity and glory,
presenting the multiple paintings in a silent graphic novel.

And just name your collection after the culture that connected with you,
become a modern caretaker of the style, of their most decorative works.

You don’t have to set the price to be astronomically high,
and some collections can be sold a few hundred times.

But not countless time,
out of respect for your customers.

In closing I would like say, that geometry and wire frame,
rails into which you slide precious rocks rather than using heat or solder...

Diamonds, all manner of interesting rocks, famous pieces of glass, and precious bits, micro meteorites, glowing tritium capsules, and fancy crystals...

All make for beautiful jewelry, but we shouldn't forget history,
especially ancient times, as that is where Jewelry had its birth.

So I suggest, that every once in a while, for every modern piece you create,
you recreate an ancient one too.

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