A Glance At Jewelry Design: The Pug Shield Pendant

Tuesday • May 3rd 2022 • 9:31:06 pm

A Glance At Jewelry Design: The Pug Shield Pendant

Tuesday • May 3rd 2022 • 9:31:06 pm

You can't make a piece of jewelry,
for piece of jewelry's sake.

Every design,
must have a story.

And you can't create the story,
for piece of jewelry's sake.

However, not all stories,
must be written out on paper.

Paintings, too tell sties,
for example.

A piece of jewelry from a painting,
by the same artist, will suffice.

More than a method,
for creating meaningful jewelry.

This is something,
that may lead you towards jewelry design.

Even if you never though of it,
all to seriously.

The computer world changes all kinds of things,
jewelry making can be done on the computer screen.

You can use a program like Blender,
and sent the file over to a company that will print it.

They will print it in wax, surround it in plaster,
heat the plaster so that the wax burns out - and pour gold into the mold.

The ability to sculpt on you computer, upload a file,
and have the metal versions shipped to you...

Or better yet, have the piece cast,
only after a purchase is made by a customer...

Can be quite a magical,
and educational experience.

You can buy an inexpensive 3D printer,
and experiment with different designs.

I would recommend, that you explore printing a two piece mold,
the area around the pendant.

And then you can form oven bake clay creations with it,
and there are clays that once fired for a few minutes turn to metal.

To make a piece of meaningful jewelry,
begin with a painting that is sweet or funny.

A painting,
that people enjoy looking into.

As you decorate your characters,
know that this is you sketching the initial design of the jewelry.

A gallery show,
where you not only sell you paintings or their prints...

But also the knickknacks from wiring your paintings,
is sure to be a success.

Where else can you reach into a painting,
and take something physical away from it.

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