Blender Geometry Nodes: Tough, But Neat And Sweet

Tuesday • May 17th 2022 • 9:21:50 pm

Blender Geometry Nodes: Tough, But Neat And Sweet

Tuesday • May 17th 2022 • 9:21:50 pm

Programming 3D objects is as important,
as Digital Painting, and Music Composition, and Programming.

And combined with a 3D printer,
in less than gadzillion hours you get to hold your creation in your hand.

And that is one hecking reward,
for learning a new talent.

Though I want to make it clear, don't worry about this if you don't like it,
it will come on its own, later - 3D modeling must always be about having fun.

After a full day in there,
I still fell strongly about not doing everything via Node Geometry for Jewelry.

Everything I did today was straight up nodes,
but that would be too cruel for making fun jewelry.

Though, Geometry Nodes are are good for ring sizing,
it is neat to make ring variations in all the sizes.

Jewelry or decorative items are organic,
they need a flowing bubbly-bobbly seed, to get things going.

Now for a pencil box, or wallets, or superhero belts.
oh my gosh, Geometry Nodes save months of design work.

Maybe years of design work,
it is kind of crazy.

Printing clothes, or armor has a huge flaw,
because you need to know a person’s dimensions...

BEFORE, you design the Iron Man armor or helmet,
or a New Generation Plastic Attire for a Cat Walk in Paris.

But with these geometry nodes,
you can design the suit first...

And then let it reconfigure it self,
just based on a handful of measurements.

Wallet, or Superhero-Belt design,
requires millimeter precision.

This requires spending a lot of time,
aligning things.

An inset lid, with an outside latch,
is not a fun thing to craft.

But with Geometry Nodes,
it becomes a matter of simple math.

More than that,
the thickness of wallet walls becomes a parameter you can change.

While none of the documentation I found was useful,
internet videos are hard to complain about.

Unfortunately the way to learn from those,
is to go along with what they are trying to teach.

And then later come around,
and use that knowledge to create what you need.

But as a bonus,
you learn tings in videos that you wouldn't encounter if you had really good documentation.

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