Learning Programming Is Easy

Friday • September 30th 2022 • 9:41:12 pm

Learning Programming Is Easy

Friday • September 30th 2022 • 9:41:12 pm

All subjects are immensely fascinating, but they are taught wrong by the wrong people.

Allow me to quickly make you a programmer, and lets start on a colorful note.

Take a look at the Bresenham's Circle Drawing Algorithm, and watch a few, or try to watch a few p5.js tutorials.

Unless you have a good reason to do it on paper, paper math is a scam, it is a teacher scam, to pull wool over your head.

If you just stop letting the teacher tell you, you aren't smart, and stop carting about stupid grades.

And just sit down to p5.js, You will instantly become a programmer.

You ccn automate mathematics, write your own functions and algorithms.

The more you know, the harder it will be to stop.

And that is just an example, it gets worse.

If you take the much simpler node js http server video tutorial, you may become curious about what to do with this clearly amazing knowledge.

Until you look at the HTS video tutorials, and maybe a bit later on, look at the documentation for the helmet npm module.

Helmet is tough reading, when you start with node or HTS, but that won't last very long.

You can invent things from here, a better wiki, or a fancy pastebin.

You have to fight for this, you can't let the teachers trick you into thinking that you are not good for this.

Math and programming are simple, and learning is what do when we are babies.

Know this, with knowledge comes wisdom, and the only reliable way to get started with real knowledge.

Are the narrated books at your library, non-fiction, biographies, popular science, adventure.

Anything held in high esteem, by the world's leading intellectuals.

Narrated books will upload wisdom, into your mind.

And then there is the thing that emerges from wisdom, and all the class and culture you inherit along with it.

The realization, that to grow up, means to grow all the way up.

Until you become, a great being.

And you are sure to discover your meaning and fathom more, in your personal quest to get there.