Artistic Meows

Thursday • April 14th 2022 • 8:27:17 pm

Artistic Meows

Thursday • April 14th 2022 • 8:27:17 pm

I freehand painted a blue nose,
and I got pretty gosh darn close.

The nose did not look like a cucumber.
So twenty portraits must be a magic number.

It was actually easy to sculpt,
and it came out without a fault.

Still, at the end of the day,
freehand is not the way.

We should paint real people, and real faces,
and real places.

It is best to practice,
by painting a masterpiece,

But I was on a mission,
to improve my style and composition.

And I think my next meow,
is painting metal somehow.

It is about glitter makeup or a shiny dress,
but goes far beyond to impress.

For one, suits of armor shining in the sun,
simply cannot be outdone.

They are majestic and mysterious,
and can even a make a bobble head look serious.

Gold is actually a color mix,
a combination of just about six.

And it includes a reflection,
so you have to go in the right direction.

Armor, can make a model proud, or seem muscular,
or just handsomely shiny and spectacular.

Plus, who wouldn't want a portrait of old,
in which they hold an enchanted spear and sword.

Though we can paint portraits without a hiss,
there is an important lesson in all of this.

Perfect portraits are just THE START,
there is no end to the mastery of art.

And - oh my gosh - photos are teEerrRrrible and dull things,
unfair, and completely void of feelings.

They must be painted to get the portrait right,
this is why the world needs painters and all their might.

A portrait is not just about the face,
we must often fill all the space.

There is plenty of room to tell a story,
be it superpowers, mystery, or some glory.

Perfect portraits are a great might,
but to paint them completely right...

To make the owner smile...
we must paint them in a colorful style.

Time-lapse of one of the most recent world class paintings of Joan Of Arc by Donato Giancola