Speed Thy Slowly; Or, Art Is Not Really A Destination But A Road That Takes You Wherever You Need To Be Next

Monday • January 23rd 2023 • 11:26:00 pm

Speed Thy Slowly; Or, Art Is Not Really A Destination But A Road That Takes You Wherever You Need To Be Next

Monday • January 23rd 2023 • 11:26:00 pm

It may not be very fair to call generative art, a mere product.

The soul is spread thinner, but also the scope is greater.

Because the point of generated art, is to make a little business go – and that is the true work of art.

Every few dozen generation, you will generate a work of art.

That cannot, be created by a human, not without a machine.

Perhaps up to 500 hours of work would be required, to create just one piece in the series.

That is 30 seconds for the AI, sometimes on a good day , 3 seconds.

Does the super-art it have a soul? Oh, in deed – it has a superhuman soul.

I see tilt shift, raw metal, jeweler, sculpture all rolled into one.

Not, quite, graphic arts, all combined together to create a super-painting.

Humans, are good, but paper is flat, and to give it depth takes 100 hours.

To give it lens effects, to do it right, across many paintings…

Will burn a human artist out, for many years.

There is a narrow passage here, it roughly reads…

Whatever AI beats the Humans at, is real art, and the artist is Humanity.

There is real art here, but at the very start everyone will try to block you.

And you know, what that means, old Sun Tzu.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

You need a website, with a huge opening page, that has an enormous image of your latest art-show.

When people click it, they get taken to a page with 5-15 works, that is all.

And above that you have a menu, listing about 10 other art-shows.

That is about 150 generated artworks in total, every one of those artworks must be published on Etsy, Redbubble, and Zazzle.

And made available, at portrait or landscape, or the less common square of 40x40, priced at $500, without really stressing about it.

One you have your webste, a Bio, an email address that works reliably.

You go to your local thrift store, get the biggest and gnarliest framed anything you can find.

Then go to Office Printing store, or Print-shop, and find a deal, on a size that will match the frames you bought.

Glue it all up, and go get a cup of coffee at your nearest coffeehouse.

Ignore, ignore, the shops with the dude that goes...

“Uh, we like don’t really appreciate generated art around here, because it is not really like, art”.

“And like, these wall are like for organic humans, because we live in a society.”

Those precious few pieces that no human can paint, are special, they wouldn't exist without you making the AI dream.

Once you hang up your art, make sure it has your website address…

and that the barista has you business cars, and let people buy from your Etsy, Redbubble, and Zazzle.

You won’t make much money here, not at first.

Maybe the most from tutorials, and business videos.

But, as you move your art between exhibitions, with narrated books in your headphones, as you pile up all the photos you take, from all the different exhibits.

The frames that need repair., the boxes of custom fabric you designed by generating art with the tiled option…

Maybe even as you haul your Generated Music, that you pressed into vinyl records… with the most beautiful album covers.

You’ll be an artist, you’ll rise higher, you’ll witness the world from above.

You’ll ponder what it is all for, as you aimlessly flip through your wonderfully smelling 500 page, print on demand, art book.

Maybe, record some poetry, or an Audio Book…

Don’t worry, the more you study art, the more you live with art, the more pathways forward, you will discover.

You’ll sync up with seasonal celebrations and the resulting rush, creating countless silly elves for Christmas, and strange mysterious bunny rabbits for Easters.

And as amazing as art and business art is, there are even better things.

Great adventures where you finish conversations by casting, “I am an artist, my book is on sale next month.” into the wind as you carry on.

Slowly, the digital pen and tablet will call to you, as you train your eye on some of the most fascinating works.

And every year of your life, you will grow as an artist, both in wisdom and in works.

Eventually your initial art, will become an introduction, to all the works that followed.

So as long as you are on a road forward, you’ll discover your destination.

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