The Chiptune Composer

Sunday • April 17th 2022 • 3:16:04 pm

The Chiptune Composer

Sunday • April 17th 2022 • 3:16:04 pm

How Oldschool Sound/Music worked

Basic Waveforms

FM SYNTHS in under 4 minutes

Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals (don't pay for closed source software, ZynAddSubFX has Unison)

ZynAddSubFX in LMMS

How To Use ZynAddSubFX! - LMMS Tutorial

Advanced Sound Design and Synths Tutorial

What You Don't Know About Reverb - Reverb Masterclass (IMPORTANT: Enhances Modernizes Chiptune Instruments)

How To Use Compression - Detailed Tutorial (Controls Sound)

Ultimate Introduction to Chiptune Programs Part 1: General Tools (use lmms and its tools)

Best Free Chiptune VSTs (2020) + Examples! (use lmms and its tools)

How to Make 8-Bit Music

Top 5 Chiptune Synths


Let's Play LIVE! #1 - Super Mario Bros. w/FULL ORCHESTRA! ft. George Salazar

THE GREAT GIANA SISTERS - Live on Pocket Operator PO-28 'Robot' - [LukHash]


SPY vs. SPY (1984) - 🎹 C64 REMIX [LukHash]

SUPREMACY / OVERLORD (1990) 💀 - C64 REMIX [LukHash]

CODE VERONICA - 8bit SID Chiptune version on Commodore 64 played by real SID chip 6581R3 / Retrowave

The best retro game soundtracks part 1

NES Music Top 70

The Basics of Chiptune Music (Sample is a pre-recorded sound)

Meow Synth, Wet Hands, Cover

LMMS Tutorial 3: TripleOsc Basics

LMMS Triple Oscillator synth music (Tutorial)

Making Chiptune is stupid easy in LMMS

LMMS 8 Bit Drums with SFXR

LMMS Instrument Tutorial: BitInvader (Beautiful Instrument, and worth mastering ❤️)

HOW TO MAKE GAME MUSIC [Free] || Music For your Games || LMMS

LMMS - 1st Part of Creating An 8-Bit Tune (No Commentary)

Short Chiptune in LMMS

Como hacer musica estilo 8 bits | LMMS (Parte 1)

Como hacer musica estilo 8 bits | LMMS (Parte 2)

Como hacer musica estilo 8 bits | LMMS (Parte 3) (Bueno!)

Como hacer chiptune en lmms | chiptune (Musica de 8 bits) LMMS Tutorial (RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

LMMS - Chiptune - Unease

LMMS song(Chiptune) - Underground

[LMMS] Chiptune & Rock Music #1

LMMS - Chiptune

lmms original music like nes

weedspagonYu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Files) OP - Smile Bomb (LMMS Chiptune Cover)

[LMMS] Chiptune Type Beat DISTORTION (Prod. By CloudWolf Beats)

[LMMS] Chiptune Type Beat DUNGEON (Prod. By CloudWolf Beats)

Instant Remedy Remix - Lazy Jones

Last Ninja: The Palace

Last Ninja: The Wastelands (Extended Version)

Last Ninja: The Wastelands (Club Version)

Super Mario Bros. NES Medley - Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo

50 C64 games in 25 minutes

The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection - 11 hours of C64 Music

SID Chip Club - Full Album (Non Stop Mixed, Real SID 8580, mastered)

Ocean Battle Chiptune / Theremin (production with LMMS)

Set Sail: A Theremin / Chiptune song composed in LMMS

How to play a scale on the theremin | Carolina talks Theremin